We have recently received the following catch report:

Made another long trip to my favourite river Lake but to a section that I have not fish before, well at least not for some 30 yrs or more. The section was just before the bend above the boat stagings, on a very cold day with a sharp frost and quite a bit of that white stuff fluttering down. So it was not going to be a easy day by any means but we are here anyway.

What to do, with little flow and a clear river there was a good depth here so the feeder was my choice. So putting on a 4 square Drennen cage feeder filled with liquidised bread and a 10 mm punch on the 18 hook I made my first cast to the middle of the river, I had to wait over an hour for my first bite of the day but missed it, after three more casts this time I connected into a very nice Rudd of around 1lb. The next 12 casts resulted in a decent Rudd all about the same as the first.

But with the snow falling quite heavy now and with a long journey home back up the A11 I called it a day but I be back in the new year.

Ian Asplen