Sweepstake, Reach Lode, Upware 19th November 2017

The overnight frost and -1°C temperature at the draw explained the complete lack of any fishy signs as we anticipated a hard day ahead. Some compensation was felt from the warming sun and calm, otherwise perfect conditions, making the prospect of a just a few fish more acceptable. Trevor though decided an earlier finish would be welcomed and that 5 hours would be enough for most people to cope with, especially as the weather was predicted to slowly deteriorate.

As it turned out the worst fears were realised, with all but two of us remaining completely bite less for the whole 5 hours. What a contrast to a month earlier when we landed 9½ lb/man and 150 lb between us.

During the ordeal several contemplated packing early but it was such a nice day and competition was so keen that all stayed to the bitter end. It also helped when Trevor announced after about 90 minutes that he thought he had had a bite, he wasn’t sure whether he had hallucinated or just missed it but it was enough to sharpen the concentration and raise hopes.

First blood did eventually fall to Trevor, with a small roach after about two hours, followed by him dropping the second just a minute later. He admitted this was because he was still shaking with excitement after really seeing his float disappear!

Jason Daff, on favoured peg 1, managed to net a ¼ oz specimen just after half time, which unfortunately for him was all the excitement he was to see but enough to win his section. As the news travelled towards Wicken it seemed to encourage Trevor who proceeded to land another two roach during hour 3 for a grand total of 3½ oz and a section win. To say he looked like he’d won the lottery would be an understatement, the smug smile and laughter was only stopped when it was noted that he couldn’t seem to do it for a points match and two consecutive sweepstake wins had done nothing to improve his prospects of winning the league!

Our next match on 3rd December will now be on The Cam, below the lock at baits bite and not at Clayhithe as advertised. The draw will therefore be in Fen End at the river. The move upstream is because Trevor has recently tried to catch at Clayhithe during several practice sessions and couldn’t. As usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Sweepstake No. 4 Fished Reach Lode, Upware on 19th November 2017
Trevor Sturge038
Jason Daff004
Rob TurnerDNW
Ken WhitmoreDNW
Mike LynchDNW
Jason O'DellDNW
Brian RumblesDNW
John ReadDNW
Gwyn AndrewsDNW
Ian ClaydonDNW