Sweepstake, The Cam, downstream of Fen End, 5th November 2017

Some had managed ‘practice’ sessions during the week and reported good nets of roach. Colin O’Dell had also been seen to catch a nice net of 5 chub to 3½ lb on cheese, on the day before from what would be peg 2 in the match. Optimism was therefore high.

Conditions on match day were however less favourable than during the previous week, with a much slower flow and clear water. Also, for me personally, the low sun directly opposite my peg and a strong ripple from the downstream wind with no shelter or shading from far bank cover, made it impossible to see a float further out than about 2 metres, for at least the first 2 hours. I think this a good excuse for a poor performance on my favourite venue.

Others seemed to have it a little better, or were perhaps actually a little better, and a few reasonable weights were had along the whole section. Trevor Sturge couldn’t stop smiling after weighing in his 8 lb 6 oz, which as it turned out was enough for a clear win over Ken Whitmore’s second place 7 lb ½ oz. It couldn’t all have been down to luck, they must have fished well and so congratulations are due.

Our next match, a sweepstake on 19th November, will be on Reach Lode at Upware. As usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Sweepstake No. 3 Fished The Cam, Fen End on 5th December 2017
Trevor Sturge86
Ken Whitmore708
Craig Nicholas64
Norman Knightly61
Rob Humphries510
Jason O'Dell53
John Read51
Trevor O'Dell310
Ian Claydon28
Bill Scott1128
Kevin SaundersDNW
Brian RumblesDNW
Jamie BruceDNW