Dear Anglers,

I are writing to inform our members of important information about our club’s insurance.

I have been advised by Jelf Insurance Brokers that the cover provided under the Sportscover Sports Liability Policy, in as far as it applies to individual members of Angling Trust member clubs and syndicates, covers our members only when they are engaged in activities connected with the member club or syndicate. This limitation is specifically referred to in clause 15.2 on page 5 of the Sports Liability policy document.

Individual anglers who wish to ensure that they have the benefit of public liability insurance for all their angling activities worldwide, whether connected with a member club or not, can join the Angling Trust as an individual member and receive this cover as an automatic benefit of membership.

The Angling Trust are also currently working to introduce an exciting new initiative that will help us grow as a club. There will also be a great new membership benefit for individual members, which I will bring more news on when further details are released.

Kind regards and thank you for your continuing support.

Graham Tweed