We have recently received the following catch report:

Made another long midweek trip from my home in Suffolk to the lark at Folly drove,arriving at 6am and being greeted by the first frost of the winter.

This is a stretch that doesn't get fished much these day's its about the best section on the river anytime of the year since it was dredged some 7 to 8yrs ago you now have a good depth of around 9ft down the middle and clear of weed compared to further upstream so no raking required.

With the sun rising over my back I set up a waggler at full depth looking to hope catch the roach that I know inhabit this section at this time of year as they start in come in from the Gt Ouse for the winter.feeding casters with caster on the hook after tree trot downs I had my first Redfin of about 6oz. The next 15 trots I had a Redfin all around at 6 oz Mark,then a decent Pike took a roach as I was about to net it a couple of fish later it had another go, so decided to set up a pike rod and see if I could catch the critter so back to the car to get some dead baits from the cool box. Putting a dead roach on I cast to where it was last I only had to wait a minute or two and the float sunk I was in after a brief hard fight I lifted the net under a big pike on the scales she went 19lb and in lovely condition. I had three more after that but all under double figures. By now the sun was high in the sky and as it was near midday that was it need to be back home before rush hour. I be back in the newyear for some late season Bream at one of my favourite spots on this river where I know they head for lets hope they will be there should be some big fish in that deep hole.

Ian Asplen