Match 11, The Lark, 22nd October 2017

Norman Knightly made it two consecutive wins with a nice 16 lb net of mainly roach. This was followed by a couple of 13 lb+ weights and several more in double figures so it was a good result overall with an average of 10 lb per man. As per the last match here, had it not been for the very strong wind making presentation and bite detection difficult the weights would have been even better.

It was disappointing that no large fish were caught, memories of the 2 lb+ rudd were encouraging but now seem to have been replaced by pike activity (Dave Keedy will remember when Tick Tock nearly got him here a couple of years ago!).

Jason again drew a hot peg, the previous match winner next to the boat moorings, but the fish had moved away from there (so he claimed) and he could only manage 10 lb 10 oz meaning several of us managed to close the points gap with him, at least slightly. He is still too far ahead to really be worried by anyone other than Kevin and Ken but allowing for the two lowest scoring matches to be dropped Kevin is only 3 points behind Jason so a competition is still on.

Simon is clearly winning the Winter half of the league so for the rest of us is the one to beat for the last three matches of the season.

Our next match on 5th November will be on The Cam downstream of Fen Road, exact place to be determined by Trevor on the day. It is a sweepstake rather than points match but as usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book. The draw will be at 8:00 at the bottom of Fen Road, about 300 yds downstream of Baits Bite lock.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 11 Fished The Lark on 22nd October 2017
Norman Knightly161013
Ian Claydon1311012
Gwyn Andrews138011
Ken Whitmore1111010
Simon Deal111009
Jason O'Dell101008
Kevin Saunders91407
Brian Rumbles9406
Rob Turner6805
Trevor Sturge6704
Mike Lynch51203
Jason Daff4402