Match 10, Reach Lode, Upware 8th October 2017

Apart from no flow at all conditions were otherwise near perfect and we had one of the best total match weights for a long time. An impressive 150 lb was weighed in by the 16 competitors, with only one not bothering the scales man, making an average of nearly 9½ lb/man, even better than the last match when the average weight was well over 8 lb. The majority of nets were predominantly roach up to around 8 oz with a scattering of small skimmers of up to 6 oz. There was only one decent rudd of about 1 lb, the bigger ones were probably still wary from the previous day’s match.

Top three places went to Norman Knightly, Simon Deal and Dave Keedy, all with over 13 lb. Less than a pound separated the next four, who included a new face, Gwyn Andrews. Trevor was very generously allowed an extra ounce for a small perch left in his net after the weighing, I think some felt sorry for him because of the pike trouble he had had!

It won’t make much difference to the leader board but Jason let himself down this time, managing only 10th place for 4 points, what a shame better luck next time.

Our next match on 22nd October will again be on The Lark at Prickwillow, let’s see if we can continue the run of good double figure weights, hopefully with more of those 2 lb + rudd. As usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 10 Fished Reach Lode, Upware on 8th October 2017
Norman Knightly131013
Simon Deal13112
Dave Keedy130811
Ken Whitmore12110
Gwyn Andrews11139
Kevin Saunders1128
Trevor Sturge1128
Rob Turner1006
Jason Daff955
Jason O'Dell944
Mike Lynch8143
Mark Freeman7112
Ian Claydon751
Glen Freeman731
John Read4141
Bill ScottDNW1