Match 9, The Lark, 24th September 2017

This was Simon’s match, pegged next to the boat moorings upstream of the willows he had several rudd near the 2 lb mark and at least 10 lb in the net within the first hour (he also lost a near 2 lb rudd to a pike so it didn’t all go his way!). After two hours there were seven good rudd in his net, and it was clearly going to be a red letter day for him. Conditions then changed but despite bright sunshine, reduced flow and a strong downstream wind making presentation very difficult, he still managed to catch to the end, although by then he was only hitting 1 in 10 bites. Had it been less windy he would for sure have put quite a few more lbs in the net.

Sitting next to Simon was very frustrating, his fish just didn’t want to move my way and I had to settle for a much slower catch rate, although I did manage the biggest rudd of the day at 2 lb 3 oz. Being just one peg further downstream was even worse and Mark Freeman struggled to catch anything much bigger than his maggots despite being on what would, in the winter, usually be one of the best pegs. The other six anglers down to the bridge on the pegs opposite the willows also struggled, with an average of only 2 – 3 lb a man.

Then we come to Jason, on the favoured peg 1 next to the bridge. Depressingly he continued his unstoppable run of accumulating near maximum points with a 13 lb net of mainly small fish to come second. I’d like to say well done but no one wants to offer him any encouragement because he already has an embarrassingly large lead in the championship table!

John Read on the other hand seems to warrant some recognition for having worked hard for his third place, especially considering that last time he was pegged on the downstream side of the bridge he couldn’t seem to cast a waggler into the water, only onto the bridge. This time he did well to weigh in 10 lb 9½ oz.

Steve Palmer made a rare but welcome appearance and showed he still knew what to do with an end peg, extracting a respectable 8 lb of small fish for fourth place.

Our thoughts go to Mike Lynch who courtesy of Ryan Air managed to loose his ticket to fish as well as fly, his wife insisting they went on the holiday they should have had but had instead spent travelling between airports!

Our next match on 8th October will be on Reach Lode at Upware, if the weather stays as it has been this week we should be in for a good day. As usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 9 Fished The Lark on 24th September 2017
Simon Deal28213
Jason O'Dell13112
John Read109811
Steve Palmer8010
Rob Turner799
Kevin Saunders758
Ian Claydon677
Ken Whitmore3786
Brian Rumbles375
Marcus Normanton21584
Trevor Sturge21483
Bill Scott192
Rob Humphries161
Mark FreemanDNW1
Glen FreemanDNW1