We have recently received the following catch report:

Made the 2hr drive from my new home in Suffolk at the weekend to fish the lark in one of my favourite spots past the railway bridge a swim I cleared on the first day of season.

I arrived at 5.30am on a very warm bank holiday Sunday with the sun rising over my back and a little mist rising from the water what more could you ask for. Half an hour spend recutting out before setting up, I settled down, I put in 6 balls of ground bait laced with caster, corn and dead maggots. I tackled up with a waggler to fish lift style a method I love here and made my first cast with corn on the hook, setting here quietly you see the try fen life early in the morning, opposite a heron looking for his breakfast and a family of ducks swim by a a stout running along the top of the bank.

Back to the fishing after a hour of no bites the float lifted the slid away and a lovely 5lb tench graced my landing net, four more followed over the next hour. As the sun got high and the heat got hotter the next couple of hours was very low just a couple of nice Rudd and a 3lb bream.

The fen by now was awake the farmer harvesting in the field opposite the wildlife doing its daily thing.

I could have sat here all day but with the heat rising and the fishing slowing and my stomach saying breakfast I called it a day. You just can not miss fishing the lovely fen rivers early mornings, it will not be long before I return.

Ian Asplen