Match 7, The Cam, Boats section, 27th August 2017

Some had managed ‘practice’ sessions during the week and reported 20 lb+ nets of roach, optimism was therefore high. Conditions on match day were however less favourable, with a much slower flow and several days of higher temperatures to warm the water. The decision to rake or not varied but it did seem that those who raked had the better catches.

Sport was initially very slow, with just the odd roach showing any interest. I then landed a decent eel of ¾ lb and that seemed to spur those either side to try for the better fish. Jason yet again drew end peg and made the most of his luck with a well earned 15 lb net of silvers plus some decent perch. Kevin next to him seemed mainly to be sunbathing and with his top off he certainly upset the hopes of Rob Humphries next to him. Somehow though, when it came to the weigh in, Kevin still had nearly 10 lb in his ‘borrowed’ net, his own had apparently been attacked after an hour or so by pike, probably costing him second place.

My own fishing was slow but I did have a few decent fish including a small bream and a >1 lb perch. Until I heard that Jason had had 6 perch all over 1 lb I was quite happy! However, as well as the fishing, I had the privilege to be pegged next to Jason’s Dad Trevor, who repeatedly interrupted my concentration with some of the best one liners I’ve heard. He certainly filled the quiet moments; ask him what a ‘spanner face’ is!

Trevor Sturge was beside himself after the draw, he couldn’t stop smiling after his luck at pulling peg 8 opposite the small inlet and a black bottomed boat. We knew he was doing OK as we didn’t see him move throughout the match. Things didn’t all go to plan though as about an hour before the end he tussled with a perch for several minutes, allowing it to find the streamer weed a couple of times before it finally slipped the hook and spat the worm back at him. An hour later Trevor was still so upset at losing the 3 lb+ specimen he forgot that he’d blown the finish whistle and blew it a second time, very confusing!

Our next match on 10th September will be on Reach Lode at Upware, a favourite for many. The large rudd are apparently still in the first few pegs but I hear also that the very late pegs have also been producing double figures. Whatever the draw bag gives it will be a good match. As usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 7 Fished The Cam, Downstream of Baits Bite in The Boats section on 28th August 2017
Jason O'Dell15213
Brian Rumbles91512
Kevin Saunders91111
Ken Whitmore8210
Adam Biggadyke739
Trevor Sturge718
Ian Claydon6137
John Read556
Marcus Normanton4125
Trevor O'Dell4104
Glen Freeman4383
Rob Turner412
Mark Freeman391
Rob Humphries2681
Bill Scott131