Match 6, Mepal, 13th August 2017

The Mepal Marvel did it again, his fourth Mepal win in a row. This time he weighed in two perfect commons of around 10 lb each (counting as just 4 lb) and three bream, also in perfect condition for 14 lb 13 oz. Together with a few bits he totaled 19 lb 3 oz. Despite having a new weapon, some home dyed mealworms, he caught all the fish as before on worm with choppy in the feeder, persisting for a bite less first couple of hours his confidence certainly paid off.

There was some tension at the weigh in though as Ken, despite discovering a hole in his keep net, weighed in 14 lb 15 oz of mainly rudd and roach, had it not been for the Marvel’s 6 oz of tiny roach taken on worm then not counting the carp Ken would have just pipped him. Apparently Ken went straight home and told his wife he wanted a new keep net for his birthday!

John Read had another rod swishing day, netting just over 13 lb of rudd for third, narrowly pushing Bill Scott into fourth with his very respectful 12 lb 10 oz.

Jason also did well and kept his leader position overall with a good 11 lb net from the less favoured ‘deep end’. In contrast Trevor completely fluffed it with only 3 lb from one of the hot pegs, rumour has it he blew his start whistle so hard that he spent the next hour picking up the casters he had blown off his bait tray.

Overall then it was a good match with some reasonable catches and we’re all looking forward to meeting on The Cam and fishing below Baits Bite lock on the 27th August. As usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 6 Fished Block Fen, Mepal on 13th August 2017
Rob Turner193***13
Ken Whitmore141512
John Read13211
Bill Scott121010
Jason O'Dell1149
Ian Claydon998
Adam Biggadike4157
Mike Lynch4136
Mark Freeman445
John Pope334
Trevor Sturge303
Becky Pope0152
***Carp counted as just 2 lb each. The Mepal Marvel had 2 carp, both commons in perfect condition at around 10 lb each. His three bream, also in perfect condition, were similar sizes and totalled 14 lb 13 oz, slightly heavier than his three best in the last match.