Match 5 Old West 30th July 2017

On the plus side the Old West fished better than last year (it couldn’t have been much worse). We also didn’t get a soaking. However we did have a strong breeze blowing down the river and a fairly thick covering of duckweed which made presentation difficult. For once we were pleased when a boat went through as it gave us a gap in the duckweed to drop our float in before being again enveloped in the stuff.

The match was won by Ken Whitmore from peg 8 with 8lbs 2ozs which included a 4lb Tench wrestled in on his number 3 elastic. The two end pegs yielded 2nd and 4th place to Harry Haslop (5lbs 3ozs) and Rob Turner (3lbs 15ozs). Kevin Saunders fishing next to me again gave me a lesson in how it should be done coming third with 4lbs 13ozs and was unlucky to lose a perch of about 1lb at the net.

Fish of the day did not however go to Ken, Trevor Sturge fishing worm, having lost two good fish finally managed to land one of about 6lbs, unfortunately it had teeth so didn’t count.

Our next match is at Block Fen Sunday 13th draw at 12.00, fishing 1.00 till 7.00. Places are limited please contact Trevor if you wish to fish, details as per club book.

Mike Lynch

Points match No. 5 Fished Old West on 30th July 2017
Ken Whitmore8213
Harry Haslop53812
Kevin Saunders41311
Rob Turner31510
Jason O'Dell389
Simon Deal21088
Rob Humphries277
Mark Freeman2586
Glen Freeman11085
Trevor Sturge1984
Marcus Normanton1883
Trevor O'Dell182
Mike Lynch151
Bill Scott1181