We have received some kind words from a colleague our ours in California. Now I am retired (and turning 80) I have been indulging in some nostalgia through your website. I spent most of the first part of my life around Cambridge. My parents lived in Girton but had zero interest in fishing which became my passion starting in the mid 1940's. But I found people who could advise me and I explored many of the waters you show on your site. One place where I spent a lot of time was the Madingley Brick Ponds which I believe is now controlled by a different organization. But the Old West, and the Gt. Ouse at Swavesey were also favourite sites. I never had much luck on the Cam even though my (much) older sister lived in Grantchester. I moved to California (San Francisco Bay) in 1964 and have done some fishing here but your pictures of the quiet waters around Cambridge evoked a wistfulness. I get back occasionally and have a niece living in Swaffham Prior and I see that Reach Lode is one of your waters so I might just see if I can get a temporary permit to try my luck there. Thanks again for a very nice website.