Ian Asplen sent us this catch report:
Hi, Decided to make the long drive up to the hundred foot drain somewhere I haven't fished for a very long time, I arrived at Sutton just above the pub at 5am to find the river very low, for those who do not know much about the drain its tidal which starts at Earith bridge and ends joining the Ouse at Denver Sluice. So back to the fishing with it being low tide there was a four foot drop to the water. BEWARE when it's this low it's very muddy and slippery only fish in these conditions if you are with someone or are very experienced on tidal rivers. I always take a rope to help if I get stuck in the mud I also take a platform to sit on. There was little flow and with a average depth of four feet and quite a lot of streamer weed but I found a nice run down the middle at 13m, surprisingly there was some colour in the water for this time of year. Setting up a 1.5g, 1.0g and a 4 x 12 strung out rig, bait for the day 3Kg dark G/bait, 1 pint of each Caster, red maggot and white pinkies. Putting in 4 jaffas (orange size) balls with casters and pinkie in and starting with the 1.5g I caught straight away a nice Dace of around 6oz and then a small Chub, the first hour I caught steadily mostly Dace up to 6oz with the old Chub and Roach, the second hour saw the first skimmer, I caught 15 skimmers to a pound and to 3lb Bream. The next couple of hours the fishing was very slow with only the odd Dace and Chub I ended the day with about 20lb not a bad day out. Ian Asplen