Glen Hawkins sent us this catch report:
After nearly a year of fishing at Block Fen's "A" lake and blanking more often than catching, Friday 26th February 2016 decided to be a good day. Myself and my fishing buddy Peter arrived as always just before dawn in the swim known as The Point. We thought we would give this swim a bash as over the year we have caught and lost on a few occasions. All rods were out and we were settled down by 07:05 waiting for those shy fish. What seemed to be next to no time but was around 2 hours I had hooked in to a screamer. It took me straight in to the reed bed and of course spat my hook and again I was fishless. During the day both Peter and I had the odd knock or two but nothing was feeding, until around 14:00. I had a couple of weird knocks and as I looked which alarm had beeped twice, I noticed that my right hand rod was bending round to the right. I jumped out of my chair and pulled in to my second hooked fish of the day. This time I wasn't letting it take me in to the reeds! The fish was kiting round and was pulling line from my reel. I knew then it wasn't a bad fish and quite possibly my PB. It wasn't long and it was on the surface in front of me. My gilly was so excited at the site of it and his first words were it's a 20lber! Once in the net Peter was bashing me on the back, I thought I was going for swim, he was amazed that after all this time we had banked something that in our eyes was special. It was quite wide across it's back and for the time of year, had been munching as it did have a bit of a belly on it. So unhooked and weighed, trying to pick up the fish up was a nightmare. Every time I got it sitting up correctly, it kept flapping about and laying back down. Talk about a slippery sucker! Eventually we had to make do with the pics we got and get this lovely Mirror Carp back to the water. Baring in mind, I have been fishing for 40 years, I have only really been fishing for Carp properly for a year. My PB was 13lb 9oz from the same lake back in the summer of 2015 but this kicked that one out of the park. It weighed in at 24lb dead. This couldn't of come at a better time tbh as we are now definitely re-joining the club for another year. Glen Hawkins