Ian Asplen sent us this catch report:
Fished Stourbridge common today near two T's the river has find down nicely and still had a bit of pace.fished 13m,rig was a 3grm bubble fished just tripping bottom . started session with putting in 8 jaffas lacced with chop worm casters and dead pinkies g/bait mix 1 kg bag of match black, 1kg bag secret and 700grm or a third of a 2kg bag Turbo Black, this is quite a heavy mix to this added 500ml chopped worm ,500ml caster and 250ml dead pinkie. With worm and two pinkie on hook. First put in resulted in a small 6oz perch four more followed then the first skimmer came to the net a nice 1lb fish the next 12 put ins resulted in five more skimmers two tench around 3lbs each and four good bream the biggest 4lb. Then the swim died so a change to a 1grm hemp rig fished at 6m and long lined, this line I had been fed from the start .putting a tare on a 18s run it through taking a 6oz roach for the next three hours caught roach to 8oz finished the session with 45lb. Abother good day on the Cam. Ian Asplen