As I mention in some of my catch reports I fish the slider float quite a bit in water over 10ft deep, this is a fantastic method and a method which does not get used as much these days,but one worth learning. The slider is a large body waggler from anything taking 4AAA upto 3-4 swan shot. I have used heavier floats right upto 10-15grm but only in Ireland on the big loches like the Derg and Erne. So first you need to tie a stop knot,I use 8lb line for this reel depending on venue would be 4lb. You then slide on a small plastic bead this is to prevent the swivel link going over the knot,the float of your choice is attached its best to use a link swivel than putting the float straight on to the line as it slides better.Then attach a mini swivel to the end of the main line this is where use attach your hook length you need one about 18" long,above the swivel you put the bulk shot you need 80%of total weight here and the rest on hook length ,so if you used a float taking 4AAA you put 3AAA plus 1number 4 shot above swivel and 3no4 spread out on hook length. When you plumb up leave hook length of then set the stop knot at the depth you think and cast the float will lay flat until the top knot hits the swivel and the float will cock and settle. What you are looking for is to keep adjusting the depth until the float half clocks this means bulk shot is touching bottom,you now move knot down a couple of inches and attach hook length this will put about 16" of line on bottom this is about right you can shallow up slightly depending on flow or tow on the water. Bites will show as lifts or total sail aways. So why not give it a go ,you do not have to go to the Ouse to try it it will work at Barnwell lake just as well a 3 or 4AAA would be fine. Other venues to try it Milton park and block fen or any venue over about 10 ft deep. Ian Asplen