Dickinsons Pit

Daniel Fordham sent us this catch report from Todd's Pit, Milton Country Park, fished on Saturday 27 June.
With the previous nights rain dropping the pressure and air temperature, i felt it was a good enough time than any to get out for a long overdue day session. I arrived at Todd's Pit for 7am on Saturday 27 June and spent a good 40 minutes watching the water for signs of fish and found them moving in a large weed bed in shallow water under the morning sun. I catapulted a few crushed boilies over the reed bed onto the spot and then walked off round to opposite the swim as couldn't fish close in. I found an ideal swim and set my first rod up with a lead and cast across to the spot i had just baited. The distance ended up being a fair chuck of 70ish yards and once i got within 12 or so inches of the reed bed, i clipped up and set both rods to the distance with hinged stiff rigs, size 6 hooks and counter sunk pop ups to match the bait i was feeding. My rods were out for only 5 minutes or so when i had a bleep and followed by a slow drop back and then several beeps, i lifted the rod to connect with a pretty p****d off carp. It powered off at least another 15 yards out to my left before turning and swimming straight for me and quickly had to wind the slack in to re connect with it. After a frantic 10 minute scrap where it tried to bore in to the sunken trees on my bank, i manged to slip the net under it. It was stunning gold 19lb common that looked heavily spawned out and could easily be a low to mid twenty at the right part of season, judging by the length of the fish. I put the fish in a retaining sling to wait for a passerby to take a photo and to give it chance to recuperate, given the hard fight it had given. Within ten minutes a passerby and his dog was kind enough to take a photo so i removed the fish who was obliging for the photos and slipped it back to get on with its day.