Milton Country Park

Wayne Martin sent us these catch reports for the last 3 weekends at Milton: 19th April
I fished Todds pit, peg 4. A nice sunny day awaited me. Fishing at 3m on the pole. I started catching within 30secs of wetting my line, this continued for about 3hrs. Fishing maggot to start and catching roach up to 3oz, then moving on to hemp on the hook for roach to 6oz. All the time loose feeding hemp maggot and corn. Total weight to end the day was 11lb 8oz.
26th April
After last weeks fishing at Todds pit, I decided to fish there once again, this time I went to peg 9, fish visible in front of me in the crystal clear water. This time I set up a loaded waggler rig at just over hook link in depth, pulting out maggot and hemp. Cast out 15m and catching Rudd from 1/2oz to 8oz. this bagged me just under 10lb of fish. 3 bonus perch to 8oz decided to chase and hook themselves on three of my smaller fish.
Bank holiday Monday, 4th May
3 years ago I had the best fishing day of my life at Milton, I caught 36 lb of Rudd to 2 lb 1oz. I didn't think I would ever top that, oh how wrong was I !!!! Fishing the deep pool in one of the pegs next to the bridges. A few balls of pellet and ground bait mix and loose feeding hemp, maggot and corn fired in after every cast. My first 3 fish were perch, then it all started. Ship out my pole, count to 5, pult out the loose feed then within another 5 seconds watch the float sink away, lifting into Rudd all ranging from 6oz to my personal best Rudd of 2 lb 6 oz. Most of the Rudd were just over the pound mark. After help from John and Becky Pope and in 3 weighs of net 1, full of the smaller fish. 7-13oz. 8 x Rudd, including the biggest, total of 13-8oz and finally the rest. Mostly pounders totalling 29-1oz, giving a total of 50-6oz.
The picture shows the 2lb 6oz fish and 7 randomly picked fish.