I came upon this site by chance, but it was great to read about Greg, who used to scare the life out of me when he worked in Percy's shop! I knew nothing about fishing back in the early '70s (and still don't!), but my husband (John Fukes) worked on Saturdays so if he needed hooks for a weekend match he would ask me to get them. To try to look as if I knew what I was talking about, I would memorise and practise the words, hoping that Greg wouldn't ask any awkward questions about ends or shanks, etc. I also remember the time Percy gave me a casting lesson (rod only) on the pavement outside the shop, much to my embarrassment and, I dare say, to the amusement of passing motorists. But had it not been for Percy, I would never have entered the Ladies National, nor met up with Betty Hankin, who became very much my "riverbank mum". We had some great times together, and if her son, Roger, reads this - remember the week on the Severn? Sadly my husband's eyesight is now too poor for him to go fishing and he has not been in the best of health following an operation for oesophageal cancer three years ago, but we often reminisce about our times on the riverbank and wonder what has happened to the people we knew. He will enjoy me reading these stories to him so thank you to all who contribute. Celia Fukes