River Cam

In good form with roach to 8oz to bread punch fished on light rigs. Rowers are on the river in great numbers so be aware.

Old West

Good roach sport near the bridge with maggot the favourite bait. Pike to double figures to float fished dead bait. Peter Harrop and Brian sent us this report, having fished the Old West at Streatham:
We had 150 roach (mostly small, best 6oz) and four pike (best 9 lb 11 oz).

Byron's Pool

Sport variable dependent on the flow and colour. Catches of roach dace and small chub common.

Milton Country Park

Pike to 16lb from the deep pool .Sea baits are best.Perch to 2lb also to small lures. No reports of carp catches but expect action as we go into March.

Block Fen

The A pit is producing carp to 20lb to anglers fishing overnight. One angler having six fish over the weekend. The pump pond is also worth a try. Many thanks to Robert, Rodger and will in clearing up dumped rubbish. 30 bags so far with further work next weekend.