I decided to visit a number of our waters last Sunday. The Cam, Burwell, Lark and the country park. A lovely day in the country side. There were only around six anglers on our waters. All seemed to be having a good time and had caught a few fish. When I arrived at the Lark there was only one angler at Prickwillow Bridge. The weed was a bit of a problem but he told me he had Tench rolling in his swim. I went down the track to the end of our water under the rail bridge and spotted a car at the style so carried on down to check on his ticket. I parked up and started to climb the bank. The angler must have heard me and so we met at the top of the bank! I was quite startled as I was greeted by a very thin gentleman wearing just a pair of very tight white underpants! Picture the scene, in the middle of nowhere I am confronting someone with hardly any clothes on. The guy could not speak English and I am asking him for money! A lot of waving hands and showing him my day ticket book. A very bedraggled lady stuck her head out from the tent and muttered something then the guy went down the bank to his car. After a minute he gave me seven pounds in coins and so he did understand me. I decided not to hang around as the film, Deliverance, came to mind! I shot off back down the track after giving him the day ticket. All our bailiffs are volunteers and unpaid. Spare us a thought when we are trying to look after our waters! Graham.