Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society

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A beautiful Granta chub

Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society (CFPAS) was founded in 1885 as the Jolly Anglers, with one stretch of water, the 100 Foot River at Earith. Today, our extensive list fisheries provide top class fishing in Cambridgeshire on over 30 miles of river bank, and in five lakes, four pits and one pond. These waters provide a quality environment for all anglers, including families, match fishermen, sport fishermen and specimen hunters.

We believe annual membership of CFPAS Ltd provides fantastic value and quality fishing in Cambridgeshire, and we welcome all responsible anglers.

As well as information about us and our waters our website includes stories and tales about the characters who make up the Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society and fishing in Cambridgeshire.

Club Membership Books

Our Membership Books are available by post and from all our major agents. We have some fantastic fisheries and with CFPAS membership you will always find somewhere to fish: several of our venues are in the heart of the countryside so a peaceful days fishing can be had. Club membership purchased from our website ensures that all monies go to the club, so come on get applying and enjoy our fantastic fisheries.

Match Bookings

Match Bookings are welcome on our fisheries. To discuss reserving the water please send an e-mail to Club President Graham Tweed, or call him on Cambridge (01223) 234616 before 8pm.